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 The signs of spirit attachment.~

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PostSubject: The signs of spirit attachment.~   Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:48 am

The signs of spirit attachment.

There are various levels of spirit attachment that a person can experience. The basic outline of each level is described briefly below. However, paranormal events not being universally formalised, these levels and their names could have variations.

Categories of spirit attachment

Following:This is where the spirit or entity has not actually attached to a person but is in the vicinity. People have reported a strong sense of not being alone, being followed and watched by an unseen presence. This level can also produce paranormal phenomena such as rappings, voices and other noises. People often report seeing a black mist or cloud near and/or above them that can feel threatening. Observers may also report thinking and saying things that are out of character when this presence is near.
Shadowing: Although the spirit has not yet attached there is an increase in the sensation of being watched and followed - this impression is more intense than the previous level. People now start to report such things as irrational mood swings, depression and feelings of anxiety.
Attachment: This stage is said to have been reached when the person experiences all of the above but to a much higher degree and frequently during the day and night. Some therapists call this stage 'oppression'.
Final stages:The final stages here are not often reached even without help, but they have been termed as 'obessession' and then 'possession'.
In addition to the feelings and sensations described above, people have also claimed to have experienced:

Paranormal activity such as noises, voices, objects moving, seeing a presence, unexplained mist, unexplained shadow.
Nightmares that are frequent and very disturbing
Fatigue and pain in the joints - although this could be due to the nerves, fear or stress of the situation.
Even experienced paranormal investigators can be at risk. Two cases from the USA highlight the dangers.

There is the well known case of Paranormal Investigator, Mary Vogel, while examining a barn found relics that pointed to some form of Satanic rituals having taken place. Shortly after this Mary Vogel's life became a nightmare as a negative spirit - some say it was a demon - attached to her. Before leaving the barn she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her stomach, on recovering she removed her team quickly from the area. An EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) caught on tape by her and replayed later said "your God can't save you now!". This was the start of a terrifying period in her life that ended in Mary Vogel going through an exorcism.

Stacey Jones is another experienced investigator and ex-police officer who had a horrific time with the paranormal. In this case it was her son who suffered attachment. This occurred after she took him along on an investigation to a graveyard. During the investigation they witnessed 'shadow people' and left the site hastily. Later on her son Jamie developed mysterious scratches on his legs. Almost at the same time violent paranormal phenomena erupted in the home. Not only were objects thrown by unseen hands, but Jamie's personality began to deteriorate rapidly. Stacey had to get the help of her long-time friend, paranormal investigator and demonologist, John Zaffis. Jamie underwent an exorcism to get rid of the violent spirit that attached to him.

These events are rare and extreme but they do happen. The paranormal investigators in both these case were level-headed and experienced. Nevertheless, they were still caught by unseen forces that they couldn't control.

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The signs of spirit attachment.~
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