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PostSubject: Dopplegangers   Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:32 am

Has anyone ever said to you, “Gee, you look familiar?” even though you just met? Or perhaps you’ve been told that you look just like someone else they know. They say we all have a double somewhere. The term for this is doppelganger. According to ancient folklore, doppelgangers are harbingers of evil or bad luck. But for most of us doppelgangers are just a curious paranormal phenomenon. Is it possible that you have a double somewhere?


The word doppelganger comes from German and is translated as “double walker.” It means a look alike or double. It can refer to actual living person or a spirit or ghost. Many cultures consider doppelgangers to be bad omens. They can do evil and ruin the reputation of the person they resemble. Seeing a double of a friend or relative can indicate that the person is gravely ill or in some kind of danger. Finally, coming face to face with your own doppelganger is considered an indication of impending death according to some.

Often people make lighthearted fun of this concept and try to match themselves up with celebrity lookalikes and claim to have found their doppelganger.


Some view the doppelganger phenomenon as just a simple case of people that resemble each other and nothing more. After all, twins and relatives resemble each other, which is both common and expected.

Then there is the scientific view of the doppelganger effect. There is a portion of the brain called the temporoparietal junction that has to do with thinking processes related to distinguishing the self from others. Electrically stimulating this area can result in out of body experiences and the doppelganger effect. You will feel a presence outside of yourself often mirroring your actions and appearance.

Finally there is the metaphysical view. The concept of bilocation has existed since ancient times. Mystics and sages were often seen in two places at once. Many yogis were able to achieve this feat where their presence was seen and felt in one place while they remained secluded in meditation somewhere else.

Considering that we are all made up of energy, couldn’t it be possible to send an energetic imprint of yourself anywhere in the world? After all we are multidimensional beings. Chances are we posses the same powers and abilities as the adepts, but we just don’t know how to use them yet. Could a doppelganger just be a bioenergetics hologram?


So what if you do have a double somewhere in the world? How would that make you feel knowing that there is another “you” out there? Would you be curious to meet up with him or her? Or would your rather run the other way? Think of all the questions you might have for your double. It could be quite a mind-blowing experience! Whether or not your double exists, the idea is definitely food for thought.

Regardless of what you think about the doppelganger effect, it serves as a good spiritual metaphor. We should all meet up with ourselves by going within. The objective is not to find your doppelganger, but rather your true nature and higher self. Connect with your core being and find out who you really are. Do you behave certain ways because it’s expected or because it’s in alignment with your true self? Do you feel like you’re living a double life? If so, then in a way you are like a doppelganger. Strive for unity—be the real you.

Doppelgangers are an interesting phenomenon and you may truly have a double somewhere, but maybe the real lesson is to understand that you are eternal, multidimensional and limitless!

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