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PostSubject: Empathy~~~~~   Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:17 pm

This is a subject that is very close to my heart and one i am very happy to discuss in depth with you...

I have been an empath for all my life and it wasnt until later in life that i discovered exactly what it was, the more research i did, the more that things had started to make sense, things i had been experiencing for as far back in my life as i can remember...

In this forum i will be discussing empathy..there are three types of empath and i will teel you in detail what these are...i am happy to answer any questions you may have and hopefully this thread will hit home to many of you who have had experiences in the past and now that after reading this, will start to make some kind of sense to you...

1) Emotional empath... what is it? ok an emotional empath is someone who picks up the emotions of others around them, you can swing from one mood to another and be confused as to why this happens, this is due to the fact that you tune into peoples emotions who are close around you, have you ever been in a room and suddemly felt like crying for no reason? well that could be due to the fact that the person your standing next to feels that way, its not you who wants to cry, its not your emotions that your picking up on, but the person whos standing next to you... an emotional empath can pick up happy, sad, angry ant feeling thats being felt by a person in the same your not going mad, you cant help this from happening, your a sensitive soul, an emotional empath and you pick up these feelings and emotions as you tune into other people....

2) Physical empath... what is this? the physical empath works very much on the same principles as the emotional, except this time instead of picking up their emotions, you are picking up the physical, so you all of a sudden get a headache from nowhere as yur friend walks in? thats not always your headache, that can be your friends, but as a physical empath you will pick up the ailments of others, as in aches and pains...headaches...sickness a different mutitude of problems, the amount od times my husband has walked in and boooooooom, my head hurts, i teel him to take pain killers as i really dont want to share his headache thankyou...this would explain as to why things can come upon you from out of nowhere, your a physical empath.....

3) Intellectual empath... what is this? again the intellectual empath works in the same way as the emotional and physical, with intellectual though you are picking up anothers thoughts.. how many times have you sat and listened to someone talking and you know exactly what they are going to say next..or you have siad something that the person you were with was thinking, their response being,"how did you know that, get out of my head" this is intellectual empathy.. knowing anothers thoughts and what they are about to say....

in the meditations and excersice thread you will find methods to help you protect yourself and sheild from empathy, but you cant always block it, but in time its something you will learn to live with and work with...

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