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 How to Know if You Can Channel

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PostSubject: How to Know if You Can Channel   Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:19 am

A common definition of channeling is the communication of spirits, or non-physical beings, with people who are physical beings. Channeling can be done in many ways, but in nearly each method, a trance of some sort is always needed. This allows any spirit who may be trying to speak through you to come in loud and clear.

Step One........ Setting up the channeling area: Place the table and chair in a part of the room that, to you, has the best energy. You will know this by the degree of comfort you feel there. Arrange the table covering and place your chair where it feels most comfortable to you. The candle should be set on the table directly in front of you, but not so close that you will accidently knock it over.

Pen and paper is something you might want to keep near you. It is very common that a trance will produce some automatic writing, which is another form of channeling. A video camera to record any messages from the trance could also be useful, as it is common to have no memory of what happens in the session.

Step Two....... Preparing to channel: Once you have taken your seat at the table, you will want to perform a simple grounding exercise. This can be done by placing your feet firmly on the floor, followed by some visualization. You can combine the grounding with some meditation, which will also help to clear your mind.

visualize some roots connecting your feet to the floor and beyond. This firmly anchors you in this world. Adding a visualization of a bright white light surrounding your body, beginning from your feet all the way to the top of your head, will add a measure of protection from any negative energy that might try to come through during the session.

Step Three....... Channeling: Light the candle. While focusing on the flame from the candle, keep your mind clear and open. Use the light from the flame to keep yourself centered. Spoken words may be used, if desired, to call to the spirits, or you may simply repeat them in your mind.

You may start to experience an accelerated heartbeat, or feel “butterflies” in your stomach. Or you may feel nothing at all. It is a totally individual experience. If a spirit connects with you, it may only speak to you in your mind. This allows you to convey the messages in your own voice or to write them down. A very strong channeled connection can produce a total “possession” of sorts in which you would speak in the voice of the spirit.

Basically using some common courtesy to any spirit who may wish to speak through you is a good idea. Do not be rude and be careful not to anger them. There could be some unpleasant repercussions from an insulted spirit.

Step Four....... Ending the session: When you feel ready to end the session, thank the spirits for allowing you to be their “vessel” and extinguish the candle. You may feel tired. A nice cup of sweet tea and resting a bit will refresh you.

As a last word, do not be discouraged if you are unsuccessful the first few times you try. There is never a guarantee in these things. You may be successful another day, or you may just have to accept that channeling is not one of your gifts.

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How to Know if You Can Channel
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