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 Crystals and thier healing propertie

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PostSubject: Crystals and thier healing propertie   Fri Oct 14, 2016 1:36 am

Crystals and thier healing properties

QUARTZ Brings clarity, amplifies your thoughts and your intentions. Adding other stones to Quartz serves only to increase its healing powers. It is said that keeping a piece of Quartz in your bread bin will help to keep your bread fresh. Clear Quartz is regarded as being 'feminine' and cloudy, opaque Quartz is thought of as having more masculine energies.

MALACHITE One of the five Master Healing stones. Thought to be the stone of transition, and said to help increase prosperity. Said to aid any form of cramp, and is helpful in the treatment of arthritic conditions.

FLUORITE The 'beginners first psychic stone'. Full of 'Yin' [feminine] energy, a very soft and gentle stone, which is thought to aid intuition and spiritual growth. Thought to aid closure, and help us rid ourselves of 'worn out ways' and 'chaotic relationships'. It is also said that leaving a piece of this stone by electrical appliances such as your television, or computer can help to rid your environment of any radiation et al.

HEMATITE Black in colour, this is a highly protective stone, thought to aid calmness and self control. Also said to help lift depression whilst also being grounding.

GOLDSTONE Made by man, and first created in the Middle Ages when alchemists were attempting to discover how to make Gold. The residue in the bottom of the cooking vats was to become known as 'Goldstone'. This stone is extremely 'programmable', and is regarded as most helpful in aiding us to acheive a meditative state prior to dowsing.

GLASS You may be surprised to see glass on this list, but glass is regarded as a 'highly programmable' stone. It is worth keeping in mind that the colour of the glass may also be significant. [In what way do you wish to work with] your pendulum? Each and every colour has a vibration and it is believed that these vibrations can have a healing effect upon us. A brief guide to colours and their properties can be found elsewhere on this site. It is also interesting to note that glass is formed from re-constituted quartz, and is said to help raise healing energy vibrations.

TURQUOISE The colour of the Turquoise has relevance, it is said that blue turquoise is regarded as 'male' and green turquoise is regarded as 'female'. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is said to be the most vibrant, and beautiful as its name suggests. Attributes are said to be, rejuvenation, protection, healing, grounding, and spiritual atunement. Certainly regarded as a colour or stone to wear to lift your spirits on those days when you may be feeling a little bit 'low'.

ROSE QUARTZ A lovely stone to work with, and in my view a stone no-one should be without. Known as the stone of Venus, or the stone of 'unconditional love'. A great stone to bring harmony and peacefulness to troubled souls.

TIGER'S EYE Perhaps not as popular as it once was, this is nevertheless a valuable tool in the crystal healing pantheon. Thought to aid the heightening of 'personal powers' and to aid stability in our emotions, and as such is associated with the Solar Plexus area of the body [the home of our 'gut' feelings, 'gut' reactions].

AMETHYST Another of the five Master Healing stones. This crystal can range in colour from softest lilac to deepest, richest purple. Said to be a stone to aid 'sobriety' and ridding oneself of addictive habits. Thought to aid the development of our higher consciousness, and is said to help us face our hidden fears and worries and release them. Amethyst can also be used to cleanse other crystals and yet is said to not require any cleansing itself.

LAPIZ LAZULI Even if you are not familiar with the name, most of you will be familiar with this wonderful blue stone with gold flecks. It is often seen in the artifacts of Ancient Egypt, from scarabs to ceremonial necklaces. Associated with the throat area and communication, this stone is also believed to aid connection between this dimension and others. May often be used by psychics to aid them in their work. Edgar Cayce made mention of this stone frequently in his writings.

TOURMALINE Regarded as a highly'protective' stone. Believed to have very 'shielding' properties, and thought to work from the 'inside to the outside', thus releasing blockages. Also thought to heal holes in the aura.

CALCITE This stone can be found in a variety of colours from pastel yellow, cream, and blue, to a more rich orange. A gentle stone with feminine energies it is thought that Calcite can help to increase 'spiritual insight'.

SELENITE This stone is thought to aid the flow of energy and is said to have the ability to 'release blockages from Meridians' in the body.

EMERALD Most of you will be familiar with this green stone and its Celtic associations. Regarded as being the 'healer of broken hearts' and as something of a 'tonic or pick-me-up rescue kit'. Also thought to help balance mind, body and spirit, and offer the recipient copious amounts of energy.

MOTHER OF PEARL Said to aid us on our journey to the path to enlightenment, offering serenity, calm, and gentle but persuasive protection for the wearer or recipient.

PAU PAU Otherwise known as Abalone, this shell is used by many cultures. Certain tribes amongst First People use the shell as a receptacle for the burning of Sage in ceremonies and healing rituals, also prized amongst the Moaris of New Zealand. Said to offer cleansing, healing, and serenity.

AGATE Available in a multitude of colours as well as named varieties such as Moss Agate, Fire Agate, and Dendritic Agate. Self acceptance is one of this stone's healing characteristics, and it is also said to soothe and calm whilst also stabilizing the aura.

CITRINE Sometimes called the 'merchant's stone' as it is thought that this stone will bring its owner good fortune and abundance. It is thought to be 'lucky' to place a small piece of this stone in your purse/wallet, and in your till or cash box if you are a trader, this is thought to ensure that your coffers will never be empty. Thought of as the stone to energize you and recharge your batteries. Thought to help raise self esteem and encourage the flow of creativity both in thought and deed.

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Crystals and thier healing propertie
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