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 Your Root Chakra

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PostSubject: Your Root Chakra   Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:23 am


The Root Chakra is called the Maladhara Chakra. This comes from mula, meaning root and adhara meaning support. This chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is coloured red – red is the first colour of the rainbow and has the lowest vibration. It is the colour of blood – the basis of life – and represents the most physical level.
The base chakra concerns survival and primitive instinct
It is linked to the adrenal ‘fight or flight’ glands.
It is important for establishing contact with the earth.
It is associated with the Element of Earth


If you often feel –spaced out’ this could be because your contact with the earth is poor. Maladhara chakra points downwards, drawing energy from the ground, and if it isn’t functioning well your sense of self-preservation will suffer. You may make poor choices with anything that involves your own best interests – this could include exercise, diet, sleep, employment and relationships at their most basic. Money may also be a problem. You may be impractical and also find you run out of energy easily, or waste it. Maybe you have trouble tuning in to what’s going on around you, and living in the moment. Quite possibly you’ll have a problem putting down roots and feeling as if you belong. You could also have specific issues with constipation, overweight, sciatica and trouble with legs and feet. Emotionally, repressed anger could cause trouble.


Modern life often weakens the function of this chakra. Staying indoors, working long hours at a computer, worrying about all sorts of unimportant details and rarely breathing fresh air or feeling the ground beneath your feet all have bad effects. The other side of the coin is the violence that we see all the time on TV, where blood is spilled and gang warfare is a game – this represents a yearning for the experience of the root chakra, but it has gone wrong. As you begin to work with your chakras there are a few basic things you can do to strengthen your root chakra.

Go out into nature as often as you can. Really notice what’s happening, growing and moving around you. Take off your shoes and let your feet sink into grass or soil. Touch the bark of trees, wildflowers and animal fur. Realise that you also are an animal.
Celebrate the festivals of Nature. These are ancient pagan practices but they survive in local customs such as fetes and Morris dancing. Check out this site for articles on MIDSUMMER, LAMMAS, EQUINOX and other seasonal features.
Do a little gardening, even if you just grow a couple of herbs.
Commit to something that challenges you and wakes up your survival instincts – this could just be a night or two camping.
Research your family tree and be aware of your roots.
Become knowledgeable about your neighbourhood and work at belonging.
Sort out your diet so you eat healthily, preferably using locally-grown produce.
Become aware of your anger, be honest about this and try to release it.


Opening your chakras is a significant step on your spiritual path. However, doing this takes time, so start with simply becoming aware of your base chakra. Lie down and relax. Concentrate on this chakra, imagining its red colour and feeling it drawing energy from the earth. Imagine the chakra flowering, blossoming and vibrant at the base of your spine. You will probably feel a tingling. Just continue to relax, and when you’re ready affirm that your chakra is closing by visualising this strongly. Take a drink of water and touch your palms to the earth, to ensure the chakra is closed and you are properly grounded.

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Your Root Chakra
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