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 Psychic Reading With Flowers

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PostSubject: Psychic Reading With Flowers   Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:11 am

Every flower has its own meanng which can be used in a psychic reading just as you would use the different meanngs of cards in a tarot deck. The most common way to do this is to pick one or more flowers that stand out to you while asking your self a question. Then find out the meaning of the flower or flowers to give you your reading. After a while you will begin to learn the meanings of certain flowers so it is important to try not to think about the meanings as you select which flowers to pick. Alternatively it may be best to find a way to randomly pick flowes, perhaps by putting a selection of flowers in a container then closing your eyes and picking one out. You can also use photographs or pictures of flowers to make a set of cards. these could be photos that you take yourself of the flowers that are readily availble in your area or you could find pictures from other sources like books or on the internet. If you take the time to make cards you can use them over & over again, just as you would with a tarot deck or set of runes.

Different types of flowers will have different meanings and i will discuss some of the more common ones later on, but each individual flower will also have its own individual meaning or story to tell. Look at the stem, does it have thorns or hairs or is it smooth? A rough stem could indicate that someone in a reading has had a rough past. Thorns could indicate that a person may be hard to handle at that time. Are the petals open or closed? If the petals are closed it could be an indication of a closed person or that someone is being secretive. It could also mean that someone may need to open up to new posibilites. Look at the genral state of the flower, is it in good health? This could show the state of someones phisical health or their general state of mind and how they are feeling. It could also relate to how healthy or unhealthy a particular situation could be. Is the flower fully grown or just a bud? If it is a young flower this could mean that there is someone or something that is not fully developed. This could be a young or inexperienced person, or maybe a project that is incomplete. Sometimes you can get flowers that have two or more shoots. This could relate to family members i.e siblings or children. Try to notice as much about the flower as possible and think about how it could apply to the reading and what it could mean in conjuntion with the meaning of that type of flower. This method is also useful if you are not able to research the meaning of a particular flower that you use in a reading. Below are a few meanings of some of the more common flowers that can be found.


The Crysanthemum shows someone who is cool & calculating and possibly dishonest. It predicts that a person who you are inquiring about will have a long life, but that person would be an unemotional person that may not always be forth coming with the truth.


The Bluebell is connected with love and in particular with weddings. Its appearence in a love reading would be a good sign. It can also mean birth or rebirth and can be sign of eternity and immortality.


The daffodil indictes a person who is sexual & sensuous. Love may be important to this person but it is also likely that they may struggle to be true to just one person, or they often become bored in relationships and quickly move on to their next love.


The Daisy The is a symbol of spring which indicates new beginnings. It can also bring good luck and protection from danger to anyone who wears it. So its appearence in a reading could mean that there will be a change or someting new is coming and it will be something good and positive. It is also a sign of truth or that someone is true hearted.


The red colour of the poppy symbolises energy and the life force. Energy can never be destroyed but simply changes form as it moves from generation to generation. So for that reason the poppy means death & rebirth, the constant renewal of energy as it changes form. In a reading the poppy would indicate that a particular situation is about to change.


The Lily is seen as being linked to a female and usually someone who is solitary, independent and powerful. The white colour of the Lily is a symbol of purity that can protect against evil. It indicates that there will be success in a venture or a sign of a successful bussines woman.


The Marigold is a negative sign and usually means grief and pain. The red flecks that can sometimes be seen on the blooms can symbolise blood. In a reading this would tell you that something that you are asking about could cause problems or at least may not be possible or wouldn’t be successful.


Like the Bluebell the Rose is assoiciated with love & marrage. In a love reading it is a sign that the person you are asking about is right for you and it signifies fidelity. If the Rose is a red colour it also implies that it is a passionate love.

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Psychic Reading With Flowers
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