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 Ribbon Reading

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PostSubject: Ribbon Reading   Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:56 am

No one knows for sure who introduced the ribbon reading but it is thought to have come from the travelling folk. The travellers would sell their ribbon to make a living and as they sold it they gave a reading from the selected choices and it seemed to have progressed from there. Some believe it was the Celts who first started the ribbon reading as they where known for travelling. Ladies always had the desire for new ribbon. So many ladies did not just buy a ribbon but also a reading from the travellers. As many stories there are about the ribbons there are methods to read them. So I have put together the simplest ways for a beginner to learn. I was given my ribbons and taught in the same way as I am showing you. As you develop the meanings for the each colour of ribbons it is important to have some clairvoyant skills.

It is also important that the person having the reading is not allowed to chose the colours with their eyes open, for this only serves in them choosing colours which they like or are found of; as well as the conscious mind being to the fore. Having them close their eyes removes any conscious thoughts of choosing colours, the subconscious mind is therefore allowed to come to the fore, the colours chosen this way will be the colours reflected within their aura as well as the more hidden emotional issues, in essence inhibitions which would be in force if they chose ribbons with their eyes open are not being allowed to cloud the issue, a truer reading can therefore be obtained.

The ribbons chosen should be looked at carefully. The length of the ribbons are to be considered, as if there are any frays in the ends of the material, as all of these can be interpreted; as is the opaqueness of the material chosen.

Colour interpretation is once again individual to the person doing the reading, I have however have a meanings below to help with interpretations of colour, though please use it as a guide to discovering what they mean to yourself.

Have the person receiving the reading close their eyes, pass them the ribbons (my own ribbons are kept in a pouch or box) allow them to feel the textures of the materials and then have them chose three or four colours, and hand them to you; pay attention to any colours which are presented together as in a pair, for these colours should be read together.

Feel what the colours mean to you, any thoughts or emotions that are being perceived, start talking to the person of how the colours relate to them, being aware of not just giving what you get, again personal responsibility.

After your client selects the ribbons I allow them to wear them like a scarf so that their energies are allowed to flow onto them and help balance their aura. I would explain to them the meaning of the colours and how it would reflect on their lives given them validations on their emotions etc describing the type of person they are.

Once I have talked about all the selected ribbons chosen I would have my client throw them one by one and scry into the ribbons describing the shapes numbers and letters seen in the ribbons.

You can also use the charkra colours from the ribbons and also relate them.

Once you have a achieved this far of the reading you could use psychomentry skills form the energy left in the ribbons this is more and advance stage once you achieve this level and should only be done on one to one readings.

White shows the need for secrecy and protectiveness, also bad self-image; sometimes the client may have leanings towards the occult, but generally an unhealthy first choice. If chosen later (after first four ribbons, may show that the client has experienced a very dark period in their life but has to some extent recovered from it.
White often shows a need for simplicity and purity in the client’s life, especially if chosen as a fourth, as a second it often means that the client is trying to wipe out past trauma and cut ties with her past.

Red shows an attachment to the material word, as a first colour, shows that the client is somewhat undeveloped in the Spiritual sense. Can show a tendency to back problems later in life, this person may have deep seated issues regarding security (mostly financial) and could find it difficult to maintain relationships, when chosen as a secondary colour shows that the client has their feet on the ground and is to some extent balanced (depending on how far away from the first colour it is chosen)

Home and family will be important where ever this colour is chosen.

Pink shows an enthusiastic and open personality, especially as a first. As a later choice it indicates an optimistic and outgoing way of being. Darker Pink as pink but intensified.

Orange when orange is chosen as a first colour may show a preoccupation with excesses, whether sex, drink, drugs or money, and an imbalance between the Spiritual and the Material, this person may be suffering abuse of some sort or has done so in the past. Be very careful how this is approached! They may be very fragile! As a secondary colour (especially after the fourth choice, they will probably be in the process of re-learning to “be in the world” as a balanced individual, and may be well on the way to enlightenment.

Peach Shows a tendency to indecision and being easily leaded, especially as a first colour. As any colour after the fourth it can mean balance and self-appreciation.

Yellow as a first choice can be an open and emotional personality, they have prospects and the ability to reach personal goals, as a secondary choice it may indicate a lack of power (second choice) or a growing awareness of their own personal power (fifth) or a complete reversal of personality from weak to strong over many years.

Green. As the first choice shows a loving and giving personality, perhaps too much so, one that is easily taken advantage of. Love of ones self and of others are relevant here, as is the balance between Body Mind & Spirit, this is the colour of balance and should ideally be chosen as a fourth of fifth ribbon, it is a positive colour and is for the most part beneficial, unless chosen directly after a first black ribbon, when it may indicate greed and jealousy!

Brown shows an earthiness, and connection with nature wherever it is chosen.

Turquoise as a first shows a strength of character and ability to recover from both illness and difficulties. As all others it shows the ability to bounce back.

Pale Blue shows a growing Spirituality generally and as a first says that the cleint is adaptable, cautious and persistent. A good colour anywhere in the reading meaning adaptability (except in the second where it may show the reverse)

Light Blue for the first it shows a need to be able to speak up for yourself, and at the same time an awareness of the difficulties in doing so (especially being able to say no!) generally it means growing communicational strengths.

Dark Blue As a first shows skills of Clairvoyance and comprehension, and self-knowledge. A later choice will temper difficulties and ad balance and good judgement.

Purple as a first, shows a connection with the Psychic side of the personality, the client may have gifts of this sort that they are as yet unaware of. It is the mark of an evolved spirit, even if the present life is difficult. As a secondary colour it points to the client using their ancient and arcane knowledge to assist them through this present lifetime. As the sixth it points to eventual success in both a material and spiritual way.

Pearl Grey shows and other worldliness’ often seen in people who have had near death experiences, or who are very wise and knowing, especially so as a first.

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Ribbon Reading
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