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 Communicating with Your Loved Ones

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PostSubject: Communicating with Your Loved Ones   Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:41 am

If you have lost someone you love, realize that it may be more difficult for them to get your attention if you are still grieving and in pain. Turbulent emotions create psychic static and although your loved ones are there, you might not be able to hear them. Wait until you feel peaceful and then try the following:

Create some quiet time for yourself every day. Listen to soothing music, meditate, or take a walk. Still your mind.

Sit down and shut your eyes once you are peaceful. Imagine your loved one sitting across from you. Mentally ask a question or simply ask them what they'd like to tell you today.

Wait. Trust the first thing that comes to mind, either words, images, or just a quick thought. Do not edit and do not doubt. You will probably think you are making these things up until one day when you receive information you could not have known otherwise.

Be aware that some days you will have a clearer connection than others. On the days when you can't connect, don't assume your loved one isn't there. Just as there are days when the traffic pollution is worse than others, there are days when the emotional pollution on the planet is worse than others. On these days, it requires greater stillness of mind to get a good connection.

Your loved ones want to help you after they pass on. You are not distracting them from enjoying their heavenly life by asking for their assistance. Time is different "up there." They seem to have time to enjoy the afterlife and to help us as well. They are not judging you and they don't spy on you, but they will definitely be a loving presence by your side.

You may perceive a change in their energy after some time. Eventually souls decide that they have enjoyed enough of an earthly paradise and they choose to go completely back to their spiritual essence. In that space, they know themselves to be connected to everyone and everything -- a part of the Divine essence, and yet they still maintain their individuality. At this stage, they feel much like an angel when you perceive them--wise, loving, and unconditionally accepting of your choices.

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Communicating with Your Loved Ones
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